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Pregnancy is such an exciting time, and here at Evolve, we are happy to offer specialized prenatal chiropractic care that keeps you and your baby at your best throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

It is not uncommon for expecting mothers to experience symptoms such as nausea, swelling, fatigue, and discomfort as their bodies transition to support their growing baby. Women who receive specific chiropractic care during pregnancy report higher comfort levels, better birth outcomes, reduced labor times, and a higher likelihood of a natural delivery.

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Lower back pain

Lower Back & Pubic Pain Relief

As baby grows, your spine and pelvis realign to accommodate the baby’s size and weight, frequently causing pain. Our gentle adjustments help put your body back in balance.

improved Sleep

Improved Sleep & Energy

Moms who see a Webster chiropractor report that they sleep better through the night than moms who don’t choose prenatal chiropractic.

Shorter Labor Times

Shorter Labor Times

Optimizing your body’s function throughout pregnancy helps both you and baby prepare for birth, leading to a quicker birthing process for many women.

webster technique

Reduced Risk of Complications

The Webster technique helps the baby achieve the proper orientation before birth, reducing the frequency of breech.

What Other Women Are Saying

"I had pregnancy pain that I thought would last throughout [the pregnancy] but to my pleasant surprise they went away and have stayed that way."

Kayla S.

"Wonderful care and friendly staff who are very attentive to your needs. Dr. Alec is great and is very knowledgable. Love going chiropractic experience I've ever had."

Julie S.

"I am able to sleep much better, my migraines are cut down tons. I've seen multiple chiropractors and Dr. Alec has definitely been the best. Get in and see him!"

Courtney S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

Yes, seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy is completely safe. Dr. Alec specializes in the Webster technique, which uses very gentle adjustments to help your body adapt to the changes you experience during pregnancy.

When should I start chiropractic during pregnancy?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, we typically begin seeing expecting moms during the first or second trimester of pregnancy as pregnancy pain starts to get more intense. However, we also see great results when patients come to us later in pregnancy.

Can a chiropractor help with pregnancy pain?

Absolutely. Prenatal chiropractic is increasingly recognized as an effective and safe way to relieve pregnancy pain. It is becoming commonplace for expecting moms to hear about chiropractic from their OBs, who have seen firsthand the impact it can have.

How often should I see a pregnancy chiropractor?

We approach every pregnancy as a unique case – because every pregnancy is unique! Depending on the types and severity of discomfort you are experiencing, and how far along you are in pregnancy, Dr. Alec may recommend different frequencies of care. It’s all about understanding what is going to benefit you (and baby!) the most.

Getting Started is Easy

One-On-One Consult

You'll meet with Dr. Alec or a team member to discuss your story, your current health concerns, and your goals.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Assessment

We'll perform a scan of your spinal column to determine areas of stress or nerve interference in your body.


Sit Down With Dr. Alec

Dr. Alec will explain the results of your diagnostic assessment, discuss the impact of any issues on your health, and talk through different treatment options.